Obtaining samples

Obtaining DNA samples could not be easier!  The dadcheck® service uses mouth swabs for the collection of your cheek cell samples as this is the most a painless way of collecting DNA for our testing process.


Who can take samples?

  • If the results of the test are to be used as legal evidence (an accredited test) it is essential that an independent 3rd party* takes the samples.  You can either go to your GP or solicitor to get your samples taken, although we do warn you that some surgeries charge for taking samples.  Please also remember to ask your GP if they will take the samples on your behalf.
  • If you live in the North East of England or are prepared to travel, you can make an appointment to come into the walk-in clinic at the dadcheck® testing facilities and one of our trained staff will take the samples for you.
  • If the results are purely for your own use (a non-accredited test), then you can take them yourself. An example of the sampling instructions you will receive are in the PDF brochure here.

 *independent 3rd party – someone who is unrelated to you and who will not benefit either financially or emotionally from the results of the test.